We’re coming out!

We started our journey in 2011 as a digital independent magazine. We promised to be art evangelists, inspirational seekers, beauty believers. All with an unique personal touch. We put creativity beyond reasons and boundaries. Right?

And then we met Catrinel. And our dream land became narrow and it started to close up on us. So we decided to put life in our digital world. To reach a texture and a scent and a real shape. So you can touch and feel what you read. Because that is the true nature of a magazine.

Get ready to uncover Sebastian Stan, Andreea Bădală, Ionuț Staicu, Cosmin Gogu, Alexandru Nimurad, Vlad Bîrdu, Milena Surducan, Ovidiu Buta, Dana Argeșan, Cristian Niculae, Francesco Bertola, Devon Fay, Josh Herman, Cristi Balint and many more. All in a 250 page premium quality print. Of which we are so proud.

So, World, meet Cockaigne #6.
Cockaigne #6, meet world.

Our first printed magazine will be soon released. Be part of our new journey.
We’re coming out! And this is our reborn manifesto.

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